Welcome to the portal site of Agile Lean Europe (ALE)!

"ALE is a network for collaboration of Agile & Lean thinkers and activists across Europe."

The purpose of this site is to be a portal to the various initiatives growing all over Europe. They will all have their own leaders and locations, and therefore this site will merely function as an entry point into the network.

Network News

  • ALE 2015 Bulgaria, 26-28 August 2015! (0) Another year, another ALE unconference! Block your calenders from 26-28 August 2015 and make yourself ready for a trip to Sofia, Bulgaria. For details and registration visit http://ale2015.alenetwork.eu/ 
  • Get involved in ALE2013 (0) ALE2013 preparations are underway. The alesome organizer team created recently the ALE2013 site and they want us, people of the Agile Lean Europe Network and enthusiasts from all around Europe, to join the team in organizing the best Agile Lean Europe unconference in Bucharest. You can found all the information about how to join as ...
  • ALE2013 will take place in Bucharest (0) After having had some weeks for voting in the community, Bucharest was chosen as next location for the ALE unconference, which will take place in 2013. Currently preparations are underway by the local team, who will soon come up with calls for volunteering organizers. Check out more details on this process on LinkedIn. Stay tuned for ...
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