About the Agile Lean Europe Network (ALE)

The Agile Lean Europe network is (originally) an initiative of Jurgen Appelo. His purpose is to help Agile & Lean thinkers and activists in Europe collaborate better, while doing as little as possible himself. The real work is done in the network, not by the initiator.

In his pursuit of that purpose Jurgen is mentally assisted by Olaf Lewitz (Germany), Vasco Duarte (Finland), Jacopo Romei (Italy), Ken Power (Ireland) and Sergey Dmitriev (Norway/Russia). They do even less than Jurgen.

But now that the network has emerged it was able to come up with an emergent purpose for itself. This purpose is described on the Vision page. The purpose has resulted in a number of ideas and activities, each with their own initiators and participants.

Feel free to contact any of these these people to tell them how you will help grow and improve the network! If you are interested in the basic steps for getting involved see the Contribute page.

ALE Contribution


To get in touch with the ALE network, to receive and spread information on what’s up, what’s coming and where you can get involved there are steps: First, you may […]
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ALE Properties


The ALE network does not have a legal entity. However, some properties are controlled by active indivuals in the network. This page lists the network’s properties and their current caretakers: […]
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ALE Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

There are very few restrictions in a network. Which is a good thing! But we find that we need to agree on a few rules of good behavior. Here we […]
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Network Principles

This is the second Draft of the principles for the ALE network: The core values of trust, respect, and transparency are the backbone of the network. The network will operate using a trust economy, not […]
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ALE Vision

Vision and Purpose

On 10 May 2011, at the XP2011 conference in Madrid, 32 people from different European countries joined to create a common vision for the Agile Lean Europe (ALE) network, using the StrategicPlay concept. The result was a Lego model […]
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ALE Logo Featured Image


There is no “official” logo of the ALE network. Anyone can create his or her own logo. But if you want to use someone else’s version of a logo, feel […]
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The Agile Lean Europe website is a non-profit site. It is maintained by René-Martin Tudyka (@renemt) Jaume Jornet (@jaumejornet) You can reach us also by email to info < at […]
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