To get in touch with the ALE network, to receive and spread information on what’s up, what’s coming and where you can get involved there are two important steps:

First, you may subscribe to the LinkedIn group.

Second, you can contact the site maintainers and ask for an account. With this you will be able to

  • Write new articles, e.g. to discuss a new idea or talk about an upcoming activity or project:
    In the profile header bar on the very top of every page select “Dashboard -> New Post
  • Create new groups for discussing and developing themes and ideas:
    In the Groups Directory click on  “Create a Group” next to the page title
  • Just tell the other guys here what’s going on on the Activity page

New Articles Reviewer Guide

If an article is written is should follow some simple contraints:

  1. If possible provide a Featured Image. This can be defined in the lower right of the page editing screen. Either a new one can be uploaded or an existing image can be reused. The dimensions shall be 756 x 567 pixels (width x height). The image is mainly used for post lists or slide shows (e.g. on the home page).
  2. Categorize your article. The category can be chosen on the right side of the editing page. By using the proper category you ensure that your article is shown in automatically generated lists and slide shows, e.g. on the home page, or on the Activities, and Ideas, page.
  3. New articles are first submitted for approval and reviewed by the maintainers of the site. This is to ensure quality in means of content and technical matters.
That’s it.