Network Principles

This is the second Draft of the principles for the ALE network:

  1. The core values of trust, respect, and transparency are the backbone of the network. The network will operate using a trust economy, not a monetary economy.
  2. The network is a network of individuals, not organizations. There is no official membership. If you participate in an Agile/Lean community, and you can somehow identify yourself with Europe, you may consider yourself part of the Agile Lean Europe network. (But it is nice if you subscribe to the LinkedIn group, to keep yourself up-to-date on what’s happening.)
  3. The network has no central authority. It has no consortium, no alliance, no institute, and no board of directors. There is only a network of people collaborating in Europe using a shared brand name: the ALE network.
  4. Anyone can launch an initiative under the ALE network brand, but only when its initiators collaborate across European borders, and when it targets people all across Europe. Such topics will be discussed in the central LinkedIn group. The network will self-organize and, following its vision and purpose, either endorse or reject initiatives that make use of the brand.

These principles were discussed and agreed upon by Marc Clemens, Pablo Pernot, Ken Power, Julian Simpson, Michael Leber, and Jurgen Appelo. Revisions received from Vasco Duarte.

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